Push to Talk (PTT) is like turning your mobile into a walkie talkie but with a global range. Instead of transmitting/receiving radio frequencies, Push to Talk uses the 3G/4G/LTE/ Wi-Fi  data connection on your mobile to send and receive calls using VOIP technology.

Keep your mobile network

No need to change network as our solution is Network Carrier independent. Simply install Nova Talk on your device from the App or Play Store without changing your current supplier.

Keep your handset

There’s no need for new equipment as Push to Talk works on:

  • Android phones and Tablets
  • iPhone and iPads

New handsets are constantly being added to the list that will support our Push To Talk service. Nova Talk is also supported commercial rugged Motorola and Intermec devices.


PC Dispatch Client


 In The Office...

There is also a PTT PC client available, allowing calls to be made to PTT enabled phones, other computers and vice versa.

This allows total communication between the office and the workforce, for example a pluming company is able to coordinate with their field staff instantly and efficiently, cutting costs and increasing productivity.