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PROMATE Remote Speaker Microphone

 Product Overview BTR-155
The Savox Promate Professional Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone provides the freedom

    to operate hands free with mobile phones that offer the Push To Talk facility. It is light,
    • Robust design to IP55 standard
    • Push To Talk over Cellular functionality in a Remote Speaker Microphone
    • Large buttons for use with gloves
    • Lightweight
    • Includes volume and multifunction buttons
    • Long battery life
    • Supports standard full duplex phone calls
    • Jack socket included for connecting an external earpiece
    • Clothing clip included


    Price $149.95 USD


    Promate RSM-30 Remote Speaker Microphone

    Designed for feature phones, smartphones and tablets, the Savox Promate RSM-30

    is a rugged remote speaker microphone with push-to-talk and full duplex call

    functionality, large buttons for use with gloves, IP 55 protection level and a variety of

    optional earpieces to make your work easier.


    WEIGHT 180g with connector cable

    SIZE 100 x 67 x 27mm

    CABLE Coiled, length 580mm, diameter 4mm, tension

    strength 50N

    MICROPHONE Omni directional, sensitivity -39dB ± 2dB

    CONNECTORS 3,5mm connector for mono earpiece and headset

    with or without microphone


    STORAGE TEMPERATURE -20 °C - +60 °C for 1 month, -20 °C - +45 °C for 3

    months, 20 °C - +25 °C for 8 months


    ESD, EMI IMMUNITY EN 300 394-1, EN 301 489-1 and EN 301

    489-18, EN 61000-4-3, ESD, EN 61000-4-2, FCC


    Superior audio quality

    Compatible with many phones, tablets and smartphones

    • Micro USB charger

    Full duplex call capability

    Push-to-talk functionality

    Large buttons for use with gloved hands

    Volume control

    3,5mm headset/earpiece connector

    Durable (IP55)

    Rotating belt clip


    Optimal size

    Price $139.95 USD

    AINA PTT Voice Responder - Remote Push-to-Talk control for Nova Talk on iPhone & Android.

    The AINA PTT Voice Responder is a next generation Bluetooth speaker-microphone that is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and Nova Talk.
    The device is durable with an IP65 and military grade standards. The device offers remote controls functions such as push-to-talk, phone calls,
     emergency alerts and channel switching so that the users never have to take their phone out of their pocket, while offering outstanding audio quality.


    Price $269.00 CAD

    Blu-PTT Button
    Low Energy 4.0 Bluetooth.
    2-Year Battery LifeBlu-PTT is easy to pair, and remotely controls the PTT application running on your smart device.
    Simply pair, press, and talk!

    Price $49.95 USD

    FuelPad 12

    An ingenious design with 3 steps that allows your team to place chargers onto it for a variety of electronic devices, such as 2-way Radios, Cameras, Cell Phones, Power Tools, iPods .... and more!

    How does it work?

    Simply plug in your single-unit chargers into the built-in power strips underneath the FuelPad-12, and connect to the charger you place on top of it.  Those 3 strips are connected to one industrial grade power cable located on the back, allowing you to use only one wall plug for 12 devices!  And the entire thing weighs less than 4 pounds!  Now that is simple!

    Price $189.95 USD