Software Solutions

Novatek International: A Solid Supplier Network Whose Creativity Provides You with Effective Proven Solutions. NovateK has strong ties with a number of leaders in the hardware and software industry. Add in our teams’ expertise and creativity, and nothing is impossible when it comes to simplifying and controlling your operations.


Whether for monitoring your shipments in real time, having tighter control on profits and losses through stricter follow-up on order processing, or computerizing your manufacturing, transportation or other operations, we have the technological solutions you need. Let us set them up for you!


Flexible, adaptable software solutions


  • After evaluating your needs, we help you choose computer applications so that you can reach your goals.


Once your needs and objectives have been clearly defined, you just have to choose, with the help of your Novatek expert consultant, what will be integrated into your solution from our library of functionalities, codes and software. Equipment, software, and more: we have it all under one roof.


  • We design an infrastructure along with background systems and Web services to integrate the software that you     need for a user-friendly, reliable and easy-to-use, system.


Your customized Novatek solution can be handled by a novice user with minimal knowledge and/or training. The only prerequisite: a good sense of logic. Development, deployment and management of applications are brought down to the lowest common denominator. When it comes to cost-effectiveness… it’s hard to do any better!


  • After deployment, your Novatek solution can be modified and updated by your own teams quickly and easily.


Gone are the long hours of programming to customize your software… now simply point, click and follow the on-screen instructions to set up a complete ever-flexible infrastructure for intelligent networking and management communication. In addition to increased savings and productivity, you benefit from the autonomy needed for your investment to quickly become profitable!