Nova Talk 

Push to Talk with No Boundaries

Push-to-Talk is a wireless feature that allows you to make direct simultaneous voice connection over any Data Infrastructure such as 3G/4G/LTE and WI-FI networks around the world.

This service turns your mobile phone into a walkie-talkie using any 3G/4G/LTE and WI-FI networks. Pushing a single button on your handset lets you to talk instantaneously to a selected an individual or group members at the same time.

What is Push to Talk? PTT works by sending IP packets over any data network rather than setting up a traditional phone call. This means that the cost of a call is based on time spent actually speaking (the number of data packets transmitted) rather than the elapsed duration of the conversation. Because a PTT enabled mobile phone is a regular phone combined with a VIP style two way radio, it avoids the need to provide staff with a radio as well as a mobile phone. This saves equipment and maintenance costs, as well as being more convenient for users. The features of PTT allow groups of workers to keep in constant touch with the team even if dispersed around the country. PTT phones can also be fitted with hands free accessories increasing safety while on the move or in environments where there may be high levels of noise. 


* Cross Carrier Communication
* Globally Secure Push to Talk with Multimedia messaging * Presence list for Groups and Individual Contacts User and Group Priority to control user access
* PC Dispatch solution with live GPS mapping and location No Voice Plan required LTE/4G/3G/Wi-Fi
* Operations Account management via the handset or web
* Enterprise Administration via Web Interface
* Supported on Android Phones and Tablets, iPhone and iPads
* PC Dispatch, Local Console and RoIP Radio Interface 

Key Markets

* Construction
* Manufacturing
* Transportation & Logistics
* Field Services
* Healthcare
* Emergency Services
* Law Enforcement
* Federal &  Local Government
* Utilities 
* Hospitality
* Public Sector
* Retail
* Education