Dispatch Console
The Perfect Desktop Management Tool

Integration with Streaming Voice
and PC Dispatch Client.

Nova Talk PC Dispatch Client can be used in conjunction with advanced streaming application to offer the ultimate workforce management environment. By using the PC Dispatch you can to instantly communicate with employees in the field, based on their location and availability. You can also use instant group communications to communicate with all the employees in the location at once. The PC-based Dispatch Client is the perfect team management tool. Installed on any regular PC, it allows voice, image and text communications with the entire mobile workforce.

Unlike RF-based communications (walkie-talkie), which offers group communication only, PC Dispatch communication offers both individual and group communication. The PC-based dispatch client communicates directly with any member of the group as well as with multiple members of the list.

Live GPS Location

The Dispatch Console allows total communication between the office and the workforce, for example a pluming company is able to coordinate with their field staff instantly and efficiently, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Historical Location Tracking

An additional feature that allows an administrator the capability of reviewing the past location data from Nova Talk devices within their Enterprise. Through the management portal, the location information can be viewed graphically or downloaded to a spreadsheet.

Additional Features

* 6 months of historical data 

* Enhanced location information (includes direction, speed, and location (lat, long) per track point)

* Tracking data available is Excel format for download