Get the Push-to-Talk Everyone is Talking About

How it Works

Nova Talk - Push to Talk (PTT) is like turning your mobile into a walkie talkie but with a global range. Instead of transmitting/receiving radio frequencies. Push to Talk uses the 3G/4G/5G/LTE/ Wi-Fi data connection on your mobile to send and receive calls using VOIP technology.

Nova Talk has the ability for instant communication with a single push of a button without the need of dialing and also the benefit of calling groups of workers simultaneously saving time and money.

Phones can be programmed to make calls only to other users within their group thus saving money by removing mobile phone charges.
Providing your existing devices are compatible with Nova Talk there will be no capital outlay for new equipment and you will see a reduction in your monthly mobile phone charges.

So if you or your colleagues use a mobile phone, you can now also use it as a Two Way Radio. You can broadcast a message to a group, speak to the selected group or speak to an individual directly.

Works Over Any Data Network Globally

* Keep your mobile network

* No need to change network as our    solution is Network Carrier independent.

Works on Android & iOS Handsets

Administrators can configure all Smartphones on a device by device basis, so maps are visible only on select devices.

Easy Installation

Simply install Nova Talk on your device from the App or Play Store without changing your current supplier.

Keep your handset There’s no need for new equipment as Push to Talk works on: Android phones and Tablets iPhone and iPads